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Supertech supplies plastic products to several prominent sellers across Kerala. Our expertise in the field help us optimize the process and correct inconsistencies along the way. Products can be manufactured using any of the conventional engineering polymers of your choice

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We believe that every successful product begins with a perfect mould, and SuperTech is a well-established firm when it comes to mould manufacturing. We make durable cast iron, aluminium or stainless steel moulds designed to match your specifications. All part dimensions are then reviewed multiple times to ensure maximum accuracy.

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SuperTech makes moulds that last for a lifetime. You can always opt for CNC moulds for close tolerance products which require more attention to detail. With the most advanced machines at our disposal, we will be able to provide high precision 3-axis CNC milled moulds. No matter how sophisticated the design is, we have the confidence to execute it with elegance.

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EDM - Electrical Discharge Machining

Constructed for ultimate rigidity, SuperTech’s Electrical Discharge Machining machines offer the most precisely cut moulds you can find in the industry. And thanks to our team of employees, SuperTech is miles ahead of its competition in this field. We can always vouch for the accuracy and permanence of our moulds.

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